"You can't remove the only email associated with an Organization."



I’m trying to remove an email address, but I get the error message "You can’t remove the only email associated with an Organization."
https://asana.com/guide/help/fundamentals/settings#gl-remove-email claims that “Removing a corporate email from your account will subsequently remove you from the Organization.”, but this appears not to be true.
https://asana.com/guide/help/organizations/basics#gl-leaving says there’s a “Remove me from this Organization” option under the “more” menu, but all I see is a “Remove me from this Workspace” option.

Help. :slight_smile:


Thanks for checking in, @Jeffrey_Yasskin. There’s a bit of complexity here as it looks like you have two emails associated with your account and that you are part of two Workspaces and one Organization (you can see the difference between Workspaces and Organizations here).

For the emails, it looks like one matches the domain of the Organization you are a part of, and the other is a personal gmail account. If you want to remove the address with your company’s domain, you would need to do this from one of your Workspaces by going into your account and removing that address.

If you want to remove yourself from one of the Workspaces, you can click on your profile photo, select more, and “Remove me from this Workspace”.

I hope this helps to clear things up. As a premium customer, you also have [priority access to support](https://asana.com/support/) if you want help clearing up your account emails.


Thanks for the answer. When you say “by going into your account and removing that address.”, what do you mean? As described in my initial post, when I go to “My profile settings”, “To email”, and then “Remove email”, and type the address with my company’s domain, it fails with “You can’t remove the only email associated with an Organization.”


It turns out that I was in a weird state because the organization hadn’t accepted my membership yet. An Asana support person manually removed me from the organization.


Thanks for the update, @Jeffrey_Yasskin, and I apologize for my delay on this. I’m glad to hear our support specialists were able to get to the bottom of this and that your request has been solved.

Hope you have a splendid weekend!


Hi, I have a similar issue. I accidentally created a new account and need to close it. When trying to close it I get the “Cannot Remove Yourself from the Organization: Your only email address valid for Asana is tied to this Organization. Please add a new email address if you would like to leave this Organization” but when I try to add a new email, it tells me I need to upgrade. I just want to close this one down. How do I do that?