How to remove myself from one of the two workspace under the same email address?

Hi, I’m trying to remove myself from one of the 2 workspaces that has been created (one is a trial workspace and the other is a paid subscription workspace).
The reason is because I wanted to “Create Asana Task” from Outlook and somehow the task that are created ends up in in the trial workspace.

I tried under “My Settings” and changed the “CREATE TASKS AND MESSAGES IN” to the paid subscription workspace for both workspace but it didnt work.

I went to search for Help Topics and found this
Leave a workspace
1. Click your profile photo
2. Click “More”
3. Select “Remove me from this workspace”

but there was no option for me to “Remove me from this workspace”, the only option available to me is “Remove me from this Organization” which I assume it means leaving both of the workspaces altogether.

Wondering if anyone here has encountered the same issues as I have. It will be great to hear from anyone who can share. Thank you.

Missed out on mentioning that under “My Settings”, the “CREATE TASKS AND MESSAGES IN” is under the Tab “Email Forwarding”.

This is definitely the good option, if you have on the screen the “workspace” you want to leave.

A workspace and an org are almost identical, there are subtle differences. An organisation is not a group of workspaces like you seem to assume :+1: