Make removing yourself from Workspace harder

I was going to remove myself from some Workspace and accidentally I have removed myself from my Personal workspace. Simple as that - “Remove” and “Yes”. Two buttons.

I am now waiting for customer support to help me.

Some ideas…

  • When removing from Workspace, make Worskpace name bold or otherwise visually more impressive. For example: You are going to be removed from Personal workspace.
  • Request some additional step, for example “Type word REMOVE in the input below”
  • Provide undo link in Email - you are doing this on project level, when project is deleted user can undo that action for 7 days (using a link on Email). Workspace is of course much more critical but no such undo action is possible for now.

In short, this is very sensitive issue and I hope Asana will provide more thoughtful solution here.

Hi @kshengelia :wave:t4:

Thank you so much for sharing your valuable thoughts in regards to accidentally removing yourself from your Workspace.

I can totally see how this can seem super confusing from your end, and I will make sure to pass on your feedback to our Development Team to consider for future improvements.

Also, I was able to follow up with our Support Team and it looks like we’ve been able to succesfully restore your access to this Workspace. Hope this helps! Please let me know if you have any further questions or concerns, I’d be delighted to assist you.

Thanks again, Konstantine. :blush:


Is it possible to restore? If possible how do I can it?

I have the same problem - I have removed myself from my private workspace that has no other users. Trying to reach out to Asana support for help but they no longer offer this option. How can I get access back to my workspace? Thanks.