How do I delete a Workspace I created in my Asana account?


How do I delete a Workspace I created in my Asana account?

I’ve used Google and it seems nobody knows where Asana hid the Delete this Workspace button.

A logical place would be in the Workspace Settings popup. But it’s not there even under the Advanced tab (a very logical place for the Delete this Workspace button.

There is an option to convert to Organization. If I convert a Workspace to an Organization can I then delete the organization?

I can delete tasks.
I can delete projects.
I can delete members.
Did nobody think someone might want to one day delete a workspace?

Wait–I’ve got it! I’ll create a new Asana account and migrate all the workspaces, projects, tasks and members there except for the one workspace which cannot be deleted. Then I can change my account email address on the first Asana account and use it on my new account. And then I never need to see that workspace again!

What The Fish?

WHERE is the Delete Workspace button/link hidden? I created the workspace! I should be able to delete it right?


I too have been wanting the answer to this. Asana Team - is there an easier way?



For reals does anyone know How to delete a workspace?


Hi guys, has anyone found a way to delete a workspace that you’ve created?


Hi @Norah_Lindsay and @Daniel_Bravo! I’d recommend to check out this handy article: Hope this helps!


So is this impossible, or?


Thank you Marie! My answer has finally been found


Thanks, @Marie . I sound dumb, but when you delete all tasks, projects, etc. and LEAVE the workspace, does deactivating a workspace actually delete it? Or is it just out there with nothing in it?

Thanks for clarifying.


Deleting all content from your Workspace and leaving it will make the Workspace inaccessible; if you wish to completely delete it, I would recommend reaching out directly to our support team! Have a great Monday @Kymberli_Feng :slight_smile: