How to remove people's private accounts from organizational accounts?

We use Asana at our nonprofit.
As members are replaced on our board, we need to be able to unlink the organizational email from the person’s private email.
E.g. secretary@ournonprofit_com is no longer jon.smith@gmail_com but belongs to jane.doe@gmail_com

Whats the best way to separate those non-organization emails from the organization ones?

Hi @Dovid_Levine and welcome!

Just to clarify, when you say

does it mean that internally you’re not creating a new email address for Jane and giving her Jon’s credential?

Thanks @Marie!

Pretty much.

Jon (when he was the nonprofit secretary: secretary@nonprofit_com) linked his personal email account (jon.smith@gmail_com) to the organization email in Asana.

Now that Jane is taking over and is using the nonprofit email, we need to unlink the old personal email from the Asana account, so Jane
A) doesn’t have access to Jon’s private tasks outside of the organization, and
B) so she can link her personal account (jane.doe@gmail_com) to the preexisting nonprofit account.

Thanks for the clarification @Dovid_Levine!

  1. First, I would search for all incomplete tasks assigned to Jon and add them to a project so you can easily archive or re-assign them.
  2. Then ask Jon to remove secretary@nonprofit_com from his Asana account, which will automatically kick him out of the “nonprofit_com” Org, but he will have access to separate spaces (if he has any) with his Gmail address.
  3. Once step 2 is complete, ask Jane to add secretary@nonprofit_com to her Asana account.
  4. You can then re-assign Jon’s old tasks to Jane, or to anyone else in your team.

Hope this helps, but let me know if you have any questions :slight_smile:

@Marie, Is it possible that there’s another way? I’m not sure exactly the approach @Dovid_Levine and their nonprofit are using, but is there a chance they want to have a permanent Asana user for each board role, and have that user change hands, rather than be removed and then a new one added, which I assume would lose continuity of current task assignments and task assignment/completion history.

I could see making aliases like secretary, president, etc., then setting up a forward to that person’s personal gmail if that’s what they want. At the end of the term, the board member sets their board alias password to something temporary, tells it to the new board member who then logs in that way.

Again, not sure if that’s why their goal is, but it strikes me as a more desirable way to handle it.

(Also it sure sounds like both addresses are linked in Asana, but perhaps there’s a slight chance that they’re not; that the poster means they’re linked with an alias forward???)

I know this might be muddying the waters, but I wanted to mention this, and maybe even get your take on a solution for this not-uncommon need–users that are “roles” and change hands periodically.



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Hi @lpb :wave:t3:

We usually don’t recommend “passing over email address” it is tedious to manage account changes, but from my time in the support team and my experience in the Forum, it is a courant practice (mostly in non-profit). Our guide article on removing an email address from your account mentions it too (“If you have an email address associated with your account that you no longer use or that belongs to someone else, you can remove it.”).

That’s another solution indeed!

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Thanks, @Marie. To clarify, the solution I proposed would be one that, from the outset, is implemented with an intent to hand off at the end of the term, so the board member would be aware to only use this alias/Asana login for board business.


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What @lpb described is exactly our situation. Tasks are assigned to a position (Executive Chair, Board Secretary, Treasurer, etc), and the position (and the recurring tasks associated it) stays the same as people come and go.

The issue arises when the people in the position already use Asana personally, and therefore link their personal account with the organizational account.

@Marie I read the guide and am a bit confused and want to clarify first:

  1. What happens when accounts are unlinked? Will the personal and organizational accounts continue to exist separately? Or is all the information associated with the same account, and it just removes the ability to access all the account data from a specific email address?

  2. As an organization, is this sort of account provisioning something that can be handled by an admin, or must it be done by logging into each individual account that needs to be unlinked?

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Deferring to @Marie here, but I wanted to mention that your #1 confused me too just a couple days ago so I wanted to point out this thread which may relate (but I’m not thinking this through in detail, so read with a grain of salt!):


Hi @Dovid_Levine,

  1. By leaving the Organisation to Jon’s tasks will remain in Asana, but Jon’s profile won’t be active anymore. That’s why I recommended gathering all Jon’s tasks into a project (in Step 1), this way you can either re-assign them to Jane or archive them to avoid any confusion.

  2. Yes, but that’s only a feature we offer with our Enterprise plan, you can learn more about it in this handy article: User provisioning & deprovisioning • Asana.

I hope this helps to clear things up, but let me know if there is anything else I can help with! Have both a great week :slight_smile:

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