How to change the email connected to my Asana account

Asana support recently helped me with a problem with my account, however, after they helped my personal account and my work account now have the same email associated with them. I don’t want my work email connected to my personal account and when I go to change it the email box won’t let me click into it. I’ve emailed support and haven’t heard back, does anyone know a way around this to change the email connected to the account?

Hey @Samantha_Baxley1,

when you go into your profile settings under your organization it seems your private email is added there as well.
Or this is what you mentioned you are unable to remove the private email from the business account?

Just keep in mind when you unlink your private and your personal account you cannot easily switch organization anymore. You will have to logout and login to access the separate accounts.

Check this article, section „ Where to access add and remove emails“

Now this is an older article but as far as I know the same still applies:

Alternatively support should be able to get this sorted fast :slight_smile:

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