How do I remove duplicate organizational email accounts?


I just recently joined Asana through a work address (thinking I would be automatically linked to my organization’s premium work space). Instead, it created what seems to be a personal account for me, and I wasn’t able to access what I was expected. Then my boss invited me to the regular workspace, which is premium and to which everything seems to be connected.

Now when I am logged into Asana, I appear to have two accounts. How do I delete my first personal account that was made with my organization’s URL and just keep the full organizational one?

for example my first account is: free account
and my second is: New Organization premium account (but still using the email address).


You should look in the forum for post about merging accounts, I think it will help.

Hi @kgordon and welcome to the Community Forum!

You should be able to merge these two accounts following these steps: Let us know if that helps or if you have any follow-up questions!

Have a great day!

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My issue is that the email is identical, so the two accounts are:



So I am not adding any email.

Hi @kgordon,

It is definitely impossible to create 2 different accounts with the same email address. I’ve a feeling that both your private space and the one created by your boss are attached to the same account. Could you verify this by checking if the two spaces are listed when you click on your profile picture? (

Looking forward to your reply!

I have the same issue!
I have two accounts with the same email address.
One shows up as “” and the other is “”. However, the email address linked is the same.
Can I merge these two?

Secondly, if these are different workspaces - can I merge them?