How to unmerge accounts

I may have made a mistake, I’m not sure.

I have an Organization based on my work email. I was going to add a separate workspace/account for my personal stuff, and I don’t want anything to be co-mingled. Asana asked me for a “secondary email” in case I lose access to my main email. Well, I used the same email that I created the 2nd account/workspace from. Then it said it was merging the accounts. I don’t think I want that, and I can’t figure out how to stop it, or reverse it.

Any ideas on this?

My guess is that you are afraid of merging when you should be glad you did. Your two workspace/organization won’t share any info/tasks/tags… but you will be able to access both when logged in. If you don’t merge, you’ll have to logout and login to change.

As an example, I am part of about a dozen organizations, and have 3 different email addresses.


Oh, I can’t seem to disagree with Bastien. I was also glad I did merged the same scenarios of my Work Email and my personal email.

All Asana does is create two separate Workspaces. and I could just switch between the two using the option @ top right corner of Asana.


I regret merging. Or rather, I regret trying to unmerge afterwards. I thought it would be as simple as deactivating the new account that I created to merge with the first account.

The result was that I’ve now lost access to the first account. It is still active apparently, but I can’t log in - it just keeps telling me that something is wrong with my username or password. Asana won’t let me use the forgotten password link - it just keeps redirecting me back to the main login screen. I can’t delete the account, can’t re-invite it, nothing.

Has anyone had a similar experience or know what to do to get back into the account?


I can log in but its lots its identity to be assignee or collaborator in the merged into account and does not show as a member even as a guest member.

I am not really seeing all that much advantage to having a merged account. If I understand things correctly if I am at least a guest on one task in any other account those accounts show up in the top right hand corner. I have talked to Asana support at length in regards to merged accounts and learned a few things:

  1. Any time you use the option to Add Email you are asking that the two accounts be merged and their will be a verification email sent that if your verify they will indeed be merged.
  2. A merged account has a primary email address that is the first email address used to open your Asana account. This presumably would not be an account that you added as a new email.
  3. My account is merged but I don’t remember doing it. This was confirmed by Asana.
  4. I have a paid organization and a free workspace. I am not allowed to assign my workspace email as an assignee or collaborator in my organization and am not allowed to assign my organization as an assignee or collaborator in my workspace. Neither show as members of each other because they have been merged. This is a real disadvantage to me and I would ask if anybody else with a merged account has the same issue.
  5. I understand that merging allows a single sign in with of course a single password.
  6. I suspect that merging becomes advantageous when you want to do something that requires full membership in paid accounts like adding or modifying a custom field.

If the way my account works in eliminating making assignments and collaborators of merged accounts this is a real disadvantage to me versus the occasional time I need full membership. I would appreciate others thoughts especially on the assignee and collaborator situation as to the benefits. Thanks

The main benefit for me is if you want to access personal workspace as well as work organization in the same interface.

I had exactly the same issue!!

In certain situations it appears if you merge accounts with differing setups / allowable functionality(?). The so called ‘Main’ merged account(?) manifests its own functionality availability on the other merged account! Therefore you loose functional availability on anything you then create from there on.

If you then attempt to ‘separate / de-merge’ the accounts by removing one of the emails. It essentially deletes that account against the removed email and all links to associated tasks are lost. You will have to recreate the account from scratch and then reallocate all the tasks.

I would appreciate a fix for this that Asana recognises merged accounts with differing allowed functionality.

This same thing has happened to me - have you been able to access your your first account? The second account is no longer active and is no longer part of asana, my first account is still part of the organization but I can’t log in or reset the password. Please help if you were able to resolve this problem! Thanks so much!

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I’m having the same issue! I can’t login and if I try to reset my password it just sends me to the merged account. The other account still exists, and I can see it. The other tasks didn’t even get transferred to the main account in the organization they were supposed to.

Hi @Admin_Auberg, welcome to the Community Asana Forum!

Unfortunately we don’t have the tools in the forum to investigate this further, I recommend you contacting our support team as they are in a better position to give you a tailored answer. You can contact them following the steps in this thread:

I hope the issue is solved soon!