How to separate accounts after merging

I have my own company account with my company’s email address, and I recently was added as an Asana Admin on a client organization’s Asana using an email address I have on their domain. I would link to link this email address/account to my company’s Asana email/account, and have reviewed these instructions on Merging. Managing your account settings | Product guide • Asana Product Guide

While it sounds straightforward enough I was concerned about the comment that you will not be able to separate your accounts after the completion of the merge.

I had assumed I could simply select “remove email” if I wanted to separate the two accounts but perhaps it’s more complicated than that?

I am not entirely sure, you should ask support they will be able to explain better. Can you come back here with the answer? thanks!

Thanks. Just sent the request to support. Thanks.

Did you get an answer to this question?

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I’m also eager to know!

Hi, I will share what was shared with me below but I think what’s a bit confusing about all of this is that the way we control the merging of accounts is via the tab in our profile called “Notifications”. It just feels odd that that’s where we’re requesting that our Asana accounts get merged. I wish it was more clear in the user interface that if you want to connect a login to another Asana account, that you can do so here. And then in that same place they should provide instructions (similar to below) as to what to do if you ever need to un-merge them. Here’s what was shared with me - I hope it helps.

------ Reply from Support in October of 2022 ---------
Since you can join, create, or leave any number of shared organizations or workspaces from one account, we do not recommend maintaining separate accounts.

There is no way to formally un-merge two accounts, it will have to be a manual process. If you still want to un-merge the accounts, please follow these steps:

  1. Remove the email from your current account that you wish to separate from.
  2. Log out of your current account.
  3. Go to to create a new account. Be sure to create the account with the email address you just removed from your current account.
  4. Log in to your original account and invite your newly created account into the workspaces/organizations that you want to transfer it to.
  5. Reassign any tasks from the original account to the newly created and invited account.
  6. In your original account, remove yourself from the workspaces/organization that you have invited your new account to join.

The end result will leave you with two separate Asana accounts. In the original account, you will be a member or guest of any workspaces and organizations you didn’t “transfer.” In your new account, you will be a member or guest of the workspaces or organizations you joined.

If you no longer want to be a part of the workspace/organization you can leave them and remove the email address from your account.

  • If you leave an organization and it is an organization domain. This will remove the email from your account and you view more on this in the guide link here.
  • If you leave a workspace, you will also need to remove the email from your account. View more on leaving a workspace here.