Account Delegation


As a Virtual Assistant of CEO, I am also responsible for checking and managing my Boss’ Asana, thought she granted me the access to her inbox, I still can’t see all tasks she was assigned since I am not in every workplace that she belongs to.

I there a way for her to delegate her accounts to me that I can manage all the tasks she was assigned daily?

What you say she granted access to the inbox, did you mean email inbox?

The only way we found was to actually share our password with our assistant.

Hey Bastien

She does share the email and password with me, however when I try to log in with her email and it requires me to enter a valid email address. Not sure why. The email address is valid.

That’s weird, are you sure there is no space in there, especially before the email? Happened to me the other day.

Could you also help me contact the Support Team? I reached out to them yesterday but no reply yet. I have an urgent request that need to be solved ASAP. Thanks for your help!

They take several days to answer. What’s your emergency?

I merged accounts belonging to different users (one is mine, and the other is my Boss’s account), then my Boss account’s profile showed as mine, which means the name and email address all showed as mine, this is totally wrong. I asked for help to unmerge those accounts to maintain as separate accounts and it seems not as easy as I thought. I can remove the email that I needed, however that means my boss needs to create a new account and all the tasks need to be reassigned again. I wonder if we have any methods to fix this issue from the backend?

@Julien_RENAUD @Arthur_BEGOU do you know if support can help with this?

You haven’t share anything.

Below is the solution I got from the support yesterday, and I wonder whether this is the only solution.

There is no way to automatically un-merge two accounts, this must be done manually. If you still want to un-merge the accounts, please follow these steps:

  1. Remove the email that you no longer want attached to your account.
  2. Log out of your current user account.
  3. Go to to create a new account. Create the new account with the email address you just removed from your current account.
  4. Log back in to your original account and invite your newly created account into the spaces that you wish the new account to have access to.
  5. Reassign any tasks from the original account to the newly created and invited account. See detailed steps below.
  6. In your original account, remove yourself from the workspaces and organizations that you have invited your new account to join, if appropriate.

Detailed steps to reassign tasks:

-Go to the Search bar
-Click Advanced search
-Add your name in the Assignee field
-Add Modification Date filter
-Enter the date that the two accounts were merged

The end result will leave you with two separate Asana accounts. In the original account, you will be a member or guest of any workspaces and organizations you didn’t “transfer” to the new account. In your new account, you will be a member or guest of the workspaces or organizations you joined.

I just checked in our own database (we are an Asana Solutions Partner) and it says you can’t easily unmerge accounts… So I believe this is indeed the steps. @Julien_RENAUD @Arthur_BEGOU any additional insight?

No sorry, never had this situation before.

Currently my account is the primary account after merge( the other account name even can’t be found in Asana). Can I remove my account from my side and then my boss can get her account back immediately?

I don’t know and don’t want to give the wrong advice, maybe double check with support or re-read their instructions…