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Hi Community!

I have searched high and low and cannot find the answer to this question: can I switch Asana organisations
without logging out of one account and logging back into the other account.

For example -

Organisation # 1 is XYZ.com (my work Asana) which is I use paul@xyz.com to log into.

Organisation # 2 is ABC.com (my other Asana) which is I use paul@abc.com to log into.

Can I switch between these 2 organisations without having to log out of one and then log into the other?

I thought this was possible from the menu options I see uder my profile (see pic attached).

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Even if the answer is “no, it’s not possible”. Thanks Paul.

Yes that is how Asana is built. You should be able to click on the other and go right to it and see task assigned to you of the account you are signed in under. I think you will only see tasks assigned or followed by your signed in account. That could be part of your problem, but I don’t think your other accounts would show unless you were invited to your other accounts at some time.

Thanks James, appreciate your reply.

Yes, that makes sense - being able click on the other account and only see it’s tasks. However my problem is when I add the 2nd email I get an error message saying “account already in use. to merge click link sent to your email” (see pic attached).

I then receive an Asana email asking to click on the link to merge the accounts.

Does merging accounts mean all the projects and tasks are merged together into one oranisation? Or does it simply mean I will now have two Orgs. in my drop down menu to select from (which is what I want).

The other question would be - now the two Orgs are merged, can people in the other Org. see tasks/projects in the first Org. (I assume not from what I have read).

Thanks again for any help.

This is the email I get from Asana -

Hi Paul,

You recently requested to merge the account associated with paulh@xyz.com into your primary account.

To merge your accounts, please click this link to verify that this email address belongs to you. Be sure to log in with your paul@abc.com account.
Log in - Asana

If you have any questions, please contact Support.

The Asana Team

Don’t recognize this email? Click here to disassociate this address from Paul’s Asana account.
Log in - Asana

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The Orgs themselves won’t be merged - rather, you’ll just be able to access both Orgs from a single account.

As an example, if a user has two accounts, account_ONE with email_ONE which is a member of Organization_ONE, and account_TWO with email_TWO, which is a member of Organization_TWO, the result will be a single account that’s a member of both Organization_ONE and Organization_TWO (and has email_ONE and email_TWO in the account).

Both of these Organizations will be accessible via the drop-down when the user logs in. Everything in Organization_ONE and Organization_TWO will still be completely separate. To access your tasks in each, you’ll need to switch between the two using the drop-down menu.

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Thanks Kevin, grealt appreciated!

Yes, I’m testing this now and it seems to work as you’ve described.

I think Asana should call this “linking” accounts (like LastPass calls it) and not “merging” accounts as it gives the wrong impression and might concern users that their projects/tasks will actually be merged into one account.

Thanks again!


FYI to all -

It works, however when I try and unmerge by removing the email (My Profile settings: To Email tab) it says -

“You can’t remove the only email associated with an Organization”

Of course, the 2 emails I know have merged are both organisation emails, so how can I remove them and unmerge the accounts?

Any thoughts?


I’m both new to Asana, and baffled. I’m in two different organizations, but I can’t figure out how to bring them together in the way referenced in this thread.
Could anyone point me in the right direction?
One is from my workplace. The other is from my personal consulting company. They both have unique email urls. I log into them both through google Gsuite.


@Gordon_Holtslander We’ll need to ask you a few follow up questions to confirm next steps.

  • Do you want all the data together and for everyone in both orgs to be working together?

  • Or would you instead like the spaces to stay separate and to simply be able to log in with one of your addresses and access both spaces?


Hi Alexis,

Well when I started just reading through the help docs there was some
helpful instructions which when clarified by a forum post about what
“merging” actually meant got me set on the right track so now I have my two
Asana organizations ‘merged’ such that I can switch back and forth between
them without having to log out and then log back in.

Thanks for getting back to me!

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That’s great news! I’m so glad that you were able to find help with these resources. Please continue to reach out to us with questions. We’ll be happy to assist.

I am also looking for how to unmerge two accounts. Is this possible?

@Yair_Lurie I recommend visiting this page for merge info Managing your account settings | Product guide • Asana Product Guide . If you have further questions, please reach out to our support team at Asana Support - Help Center • Asana and let them know Alexis sent you. :slight_smile: Merging can be quite account-specific so it’s the kind of thing we often handle behind the scenes with the support team.