How to add alerts, reports, integrations, and buttons to Asana projects



Hi everyone,

Here’s a detailed explanation on how to add custom alerts, reports, integrations, and buttons to your Asana projects.

This uses Scripts for Asana, a free chrome extension (inspired by Google Apps Script), that makes building on the API as simple as writing short Python scripts.

If you’re comfortable with Python, take it for a spin; I’d love your feedback.

How to install:

PS - here are the types of feature requests Scripts can make it easy to DIY:

Organization Tip of the Day- Assignees and Due Dates
Copy tasks to another project when it's due date

Forgot to include a tutorial - ‘how to build an asana add-on in 60 seconds’:



That look just so damn cool!!! Thanks a lot Paul, I’ll test it as soon as possible


Very nice. Any idea when Android notifications will be enabled? Alerts don’t mean much without the notifications to keep folks on track.


@AmyHampton How do you mean android notifications? As in a notification through the Asana app on android?


Yes. Due dates that trigger notifications on my Android phone via the Asana application. Same as Todoist, RTM and Evernote do.


Agree with that Amy. I task myself at a due date and time, and don’t get an Android notification whereas I do get Asana notifications for other types of activity.


This isn’t a new topic or concern. See:

The Android notifications worked on M phones before the last Asana update. Since then, notifications apparently only work on N phones per the Asana blog although from the comments not even then. It just seems like a reasonable expectation that if there’s a due date that can be set (especially from a mobile app) that the due date would trigger a notification. It’s the one seemingly simple thing that’s keeping me from embracing Asana.


Thanks @Laurent! Need any help getting started?


Super intrigued by this — thanks! Will comment again after I’ve had some time to kick the tires… :v:


:sunglasses: sounds great @pbiolsi. Excited for your input!


Got it. That’s more of a Asana android app issue than something that can be added via the API. Although - you can always setup your own alerts/notifications via email instead.


Yes, but as I am drowning in email, I’m trying to keep the notifications separate. As mentioned in previous threads, the Android notifications have worked previously and I had fantastic results. I’m just trying to get them to work again, especially since notifications from a set due date/due time should be almost a default setting these days. Now if someone had the skill to create a workaround with the API, I’d be all in.


“Drowning in email.” Yes. All the yes.

Push notifications are so critical. Relying on email for potentially-critical questions from colleagues in the same way that I receive Old Navy promotional emails doesn’t make sense.

The only thing I use Asana for is for things that I know that I have to do or need to do or want to do ― in life. Therefore, I want these updates to stand out ― and push notifications are the way to ensure that they do stand out. The two ways I would suggest improvements to communications coming from my Asana workspaces would be to [a] improve push notifications and [b] Create a Dedicated Pane for the Inbox.


Outlook - to be able to drag and drop emails into Asana.
Mac - Mac computer keyboard shortcuts are different than Asana ones. Friction there for me.


Hey everyone,

New feature! You can now setup entire add-ons for Asana using Blockspring Scripts.

The first type of add-on is the sidebar form. You choose the inputs, then what script runs when the submit button is clicked. Useful for reports, exports, and emails. Here’s what that looks like:

We’ll be adding other types of extensible UI elements (eg modals, etc) soon. Shoot me a message if you have feedback/ideas!