How to add alerts, reports, integrations, and buttons to Asana projects

Hi everyone,

Here’s a detailed explanation on how to add custom alerts, reports, integrations, and buttons to your Asana projects.

This uses Scripts for Asana, a free chrome extension (inspired by Google Apps Script), that makes building on the API as simple as writing short Python scripts.

If you’re comfortable with Python, take it for a spin; I’d love your feedback.

How to install:

PS - here are the types of feature requests Scripts can make it easy to DIY:


Forgot to include a tutorial - ‘how to build an asana add-on in 60 seconds’:


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That look just so damn cool!!! Thanks a lot Paul, I’ll test it as soon as possible

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Very nice. Any idea when Android notifications will be enabled? Alerts don’t mean much without the notifications to keep folks on track.


@AmyHampton How do you mean android notifications? As in a notification through the Asana app on android?

Yes. Due dates that trigger notifications on my Android phone via the Asana application. Same as Todoist, RTM and Evernote do.

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Agree with that Amy. I task myself at a due date and time, and don’t get an Android notification whereas I do get Asana notifications for other types of activity.

This isn’t a new topic or concern. See:

The Android notifications worked on M phones before the last Asana update. Since then, notifications apparently only work on N phones per the Asana blog although from the comments not even then. It just seems like a reasonable expectation that if there’s a due date that can be set (especially from a mobile app) that the due date would trigger a notification. It’s the one seemingly simple thing that’s keeping me from embracing Asana.


Thanks @Laurent! Need any help getting started?

Super intrigued by this — thanks! Will comment again after I’ve had some time to kick the tires… :v:

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:sunglasses: sounds great @pbiolsi. Excited for your input!

Got it. That’s more of a Asana android app issue than something that can be added via the API. Although - you can always setup your own alerts/notifications via email instead.

Yes, but as I am drowning in email, I’m trying to keep the notifications separate. As mentioned in previous threads, the Android notifications have worked previously and I had fantastic results. I’m just trying to get them to work again, especially since notifications from a set due date/due time should be almost a default setting these days. Now if someone had the skill to create a workaround with the API, I’d be all in.


“Drowning in email.” Yes. All the yes.

Push notifications are so critical. Relying on email for potentially-critical questions from colleagues in the same way that I receive Old Navy promotional emails doesn’t make sense.

The only thing I use Asana for is for things that I know that I have to do or need to do or want to do ― in life. Therefore, I want these updates to stand out ― and push notifications are the way to ensure that they do stand out. The two ways I would suggest improvements to communications coming from my Asana workspaces would be to [a] improve push notifications and [b] Create a Dedicated Pane for the Inbox.


Outlook - to be able to drag and drop emails into Asana.
Mac - Mac computer keyboard shortcuts are different than Asana ones. Friction there for me.


Hey everyone,

New feature! You can now setup entire add-ons for Asana using Blockspring Scripts.

The first type of add-on is the sidebar form. You choose the inputs, then what script runs when the submit button is clicked. Useful for reports, exports, and emails. Here’s what that looks like:

We’ll be adding other types of extensible UI elements (eg modals, etc) soon. Shoot me a message if you have feedback/ideas!


Do we have a guide on the scripts and how to write it?

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I’m relatively tech-capable from an end-user standpoint. However, my experience directly with python / creating scripts is very limited. I LOVE the potential I’m seeing in Blockspring Scripts, but you have very few script templates offered. Is there a guide for some of the top Asana use cases with these custom scripts? Or is there a way to access new script templates?

Also, your Google authentication is disabled (without an option to “Trust Developer”):

Hi @paulk
Blockspring for Asana looks amazing but seems to not be working right now. I’ve seen a few other reports of the script editor being stuck on Installing Modules, which is what I’m seeing. Looking at the browser console there are quite a few 502, 503 and CORS errors.
Is there a fix for this or is this no longer supported?

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