I can't delete a column; what am I doing wrong?


I want to delete an empty column, but the option to do so on the dropdown menu isn’t there; I can only rename. I’ve tried on Safari and Chrome, but neither display the Delete Column option that the Help Database highlights.

Am I doing something wrong or is this an error?

Thanks for your help!

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Hmm. I’ve just tried it on mine and the option was there to rename or delete the column after I’d deleted every task. You could try adding a task, deleting it straight away, then trying again to delete the column.


Ah, you’ve inadvertently helped! Thank you :o) I had ‘completed’ tasks but not ‘deleted’ tasks, and so I had completed tasks hidden and assumed that was enough.



I hate the way this feature works. If there are completed tasks in the column, there should be an option to “Delete Column and All Tasks In Column” with one click. Having to go through and delete dozens of completed tasks one by one (since you can’t multi-select in Board layout) in order to get rid of a column is a real pain.


I completely agree with this. Would also be nice to hide or archive a column. I want to keep my tasks for historic reasons and not have to delete them. A use case for this is planning out months where each column is a month. When the month is complete, I want to hide the month but not delete it nor kill all it’s tasks.


I did not have the button and now I do… very weird :sweat_smile:


Deleting the task did not work for me. I had to create a new column, move the task to that column, then the Delete button appeared. The problem that I have now is that I have a new column which I don’t need which I cannot delete again.


To delete a column you need to completely empty it. And to do so you need to show all tasks (complete and incomplete), move them or delete them, then delete the column.


Hi @Zahir_Mosaib, that’s really strange! If all of the tasks of your column are deleted, you should definitely have the option to delete your column. Are you able to reproduce the issue with another column? If so, let me know and I’ll be more than happy to look into this for you!


This would be absolutely amazing. Been wanting this as well. Would love to be able to refer back to old tasks. But don’t want the clutter.


Hello Marie. Do you possibly know, if there’s any possibility to change the way how deleting columns on the boards works? It’s terrible and inevitable real pain to delete all the tasks separately just for deleting the column. As well the deleting shortcut doesn’t allow to use one hand only and to the top of that one has to open the task and than delete it… It’s… hard.

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I know this post is a year old, but I am having the same problem. I am only given the option to Rename a column, not delete it.


I also am having the same problem. I didn’t have a problem earlier this week.


Hi @Dryden and @Rebekah_Spicuglia ! Are they any tasks left in your column? Can you verify if there aren’t any completed ones hiding by setting your view to “all tasks”: https://asana.com/guide/help/views/boards#gl-filter?


I would love if you could archive columns. This changes the game for me using storyboard mode if not.


Hi @Greg_Johnston You can vote for this feature request on the following thread: Feature request: Archiving columns in the board view


There are no tasks left in the column, they are empty and yet I’m unable to remove them.


You are very very sure there are no completed tasks left in the column?


Hi @Dryden, can you make sure your Board view isn’t set to show “Incomplete tasks” only? https://asana.com/guide/help/views/boards#gl-filter you might find some completed tasks if you switch your view to “All tasks”!

Keep us posted!


I am having the same problem!