Quickly add a new member to several projects

Is there a way to quickly add a new member to several projects or do I need to add new member to each project one by one?
We’ve got a workspace and a few projects that are private to members. Now we have a new member and want to add him to a majority of our projects. How to do that efficiently?


If you are a Premium client you might be able to ask support isn’t it @Alexis? I know they can help with complex setup as well or inviting many members don’t they?

Actually @Bastien_Siebman this is something that our support team does not handle, as this question does not involve work on the back end.

@Przemek looks like you will have to add the member to projects manually. You might also consider adding the person to your team. Then, when you create projects within a certain team, you can have the team as project collaborators.

For more info check out these articles :slight_smile:

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So there is no quick way to add a new team member to existing projects? Seems like a feature that would be very useful given even teams with low turnover might have team members come and go during the life of a project.

In my experience, in many many cases, adding a member to a project is pretty useless if the project is public. Check out ➕ Why add a member to a public project in a team? for more info.
That might not be your case though @anon38936618 !