Project List Export

As a premium team admin I am able to export a list of tasks completed by each person with lots of detail, but I am not sure how to export a list of projects for cleanup. Any help extracting an active, and also archived, list of projects would be handy.


Additionally, a list of tags for export would also be very handy. Some of our users went hog wild when we went live with Asana and id like to narrow down the tags to a more clear and concise list. Thanks!


Hi @savannahrucker. Take a look at the screenshots below.

  • Export project data by clicking on the drop down icon next to the project title.
  • Any project export will include completed and incomplete tasks. Refer to column 3, “completed at,” below.
  • Use advanced search to customize your search (find tags, deleted tasks, and more). When your desired list appears, export the results using the drop down icon as you would with any project.

Please let us know if you have any other questions. :slight_smile:

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@Alexis Thanks for the info. From the looks of it I have to download all tasks for every project on my team to get a simple project list, which is a work around. It appears this is the only way to get a tag listing too.


I would also like to have this functionality within Asana’s interface.

Although, actually, I do know a way to get the project list. You will have to use Asana’s API.

If I use this:

I get a list of all projects in our organization which are visible to me.


You just need to replace 100208324844084 with your own workspace.

If you don’t know your workspace ID, you can get it using this:
This will show you a list of all your workspaces.

I hope this helps. :smiley:

Oh and, the result is not that pretty since it’s in JSON format.
You can use this site (JSON to CSV Converter) to convert the result into CSV, which is a much readable format.


Here’s for tags[workspace-id]/tags

Where workspace-id corresponds to your workspace.


it’s so unreal that there’s no simple method of listing all projects in Asana. I really can not inderstand from just a great products…;-(


Hi @Alexis , it is the first time I notice a “Sync to Google Sheets” item for a project or list of tasks ? Is this action still available or maybe only in premium plan ?

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I don’t see the google sheet export?

SOO helpful. Thank you! Is there a way to get only active projects?


Hey @Jean-David; Michael here from Asana!

While Google Sheets Reporting (GSR) isn’t necessarily a feature available for premium plans only, there is a limitation of three projects that can access GSR at a time. Premium unlocks an unlimited number of Dashboard cards for use in Project reporting. A link for additional information is available at this link to our guide:

Let us know if you have additional questions either here or in a separate thread for Tips & Tricks! Our community has lots of ideas on how to leverage these reporting options! :slight_smile:

Hope this helps!

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Apologies for the late answer. You can also opt to get the ‘archived’ info per project so you know which ones are archived. I don’t know though if filtering directly using the API is possible. :smile:

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Hi @Michael_A! Is it possible to sync information about all tasks in a project (or all tasks in all projects) with Google Sheets?

Hey @Viktor_Alyanich

Absolutely! First you need to add that Project into your Dashboard. Once you do so, click the “Open Report in Google Sheets” hyperlink at the top of your desktop browser. This will immediately export the Project data to google sheets.

Additional information on Google Sheets Reporting is available at the following link to our guide as well.

Hope this helps! :slight_smile:

It seems to only export data about the project as whole. I was referring to
information about each task.

My apologies @Viktor_Alyanich, seems I misunderstood your question.

You’re right, if you wanted the information about each Task, you’ll need to open the CSV file of the Project in Google Sheets. To do so, first you’ll need to export the Project in a CSV file (a premium functionality). Hope this clarifies!

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Got it! Thanks @Michael_A


Hey @Michael_A, adding one or say ten projects to dashboard is not a problem but what if there is a request from the users to see a map of all the projects within our workspace? This map (or index) preferably -at least- should include the name of the project and project owner info (or any other key info depending on the need). We have more than 150 projects in our workspace and I cannot possibly add them all to the dashboard to pull this type of data. Any recommendation on how I might be able to handle this?


I’ve got 100s of projects. Is there no way to see a list of them?

From what I’ve read so far I’d have to move them all into the dashboard. That would take days.

Is there any other way. I’ve got a premium account.


How do I opt to get the “archived” info per project?