How do I get a list of the projects I'm a member of?


If there are a 100 projects and I’m a member of 15, how can I a list the one’s I’m a member of?

There is my task but why is there no my project?

Hi @Terry_Schilousky. I recommend that you take the following steps to view the projects you’re a member of:


Hi Alexis,

Thank you for the response. I just tried it out, but it doesn’t include the projects I’m a member of without any tasks assigned to me.

Terry Schilousky


Thanks for following up, @Terry_Schilousky.

Another way you could do this would be to use the API, and we have a great explorer tool available if you’re not as familiar working with APIs. If you navigate to you can use the Resource for GET /workpsaces/:workspace/projects to pull a list of projects that you’re a member of by inputting another parameter for “Members” and then set the value to your member ID. You can see the fields I included for this search here:

Let us know if this finds what you’re looking for :slight_smile:



I’m trying the Asana API Explorer as you suggested but the extra parameter doesn’t seem to be limiting the list to only projects that I’m a member of.




It doesn’t seem to filter the results for my ID.

In the picture below it shows one project I’m a member of plus two projects I’m not a member of:

What I’m I doing wrong?



Also requested this months ago. How strange it is that there’s no simple wat to list this. ( happy with Asana but this remakns a bummer)


I’m going to move this thread over to our developer category and enlist my API-expert colleague, @Matt_Bramlage to provide some guidance. :slight_smile:


It’s not currently possible to filter projects based on memberships in the API. I’ve provided this feedback to our API team. I know we plan to add more filtering options in the future.

As of now, the API can filter projects based on workspace, team, and archived:


Thank you for the reply.


@Kaitie unfortunately Jeff is right - passing the members to getting projects through the API does… nothing - doesn’t raise an error, nor does it filter the results :frowning: Our API team lead Marco is working through what a better solution might look like, so there’s hope for the future!


The same for us here. I’d like to cycle through projects together with the projecowner and now I have to log-in to his/her Asana to see the view/overview. Very inconvenient eand inefficient

also: Show me a list of projects XYZ is the owner of ( or have tree-like view in the left pane to do so)

Like Asana Though :wink:


+1 for this issue. In general, Asana could offer some more ways to get a good overview of projects (besides the dashboard). It’s very easy and effortless to create your own overview/report as long as it only includes tasks and conversations. To be honest, the issue is more of an annoyance than a problem, which would make me want to find a solution via API or third party integration. So far, it wasn’t worth the effort, plus I figured Asana will probably add some sort of solution at some point.

I know y’all can’t say anything about the product’s roadmap @Alexis, but it would be great, if the extended organization of projects could become part of the roadmap some day. I will enjoy the surprise for sure :wink: