How do I see all "Projects" someone Is a Member of?

How do I see all “Projects” someone Is a Member of?

Hi @Felipe_Ardila_Cuervo welcome to the community…

The only way I know how to do this is if you Goto “Organisation Settings” then Members, then down at the bottom right of the screen their will be a “Export Membership Data” if you click on that you will then get an email with CSV which list all of the projects that each member of the Organisation belongs to.

Not sure if there is any other ways, but this forum is a great place to ask those questions.

Hope this helps.



@Jason_Woods This is a good idea and it works fine, but I think the export is only available to the admin of the organization.

Another idea is to search for the person in the search bar, you click on the person and you will see his or her MyTasks (only public tasks). Doing so you’ll see to which project the tasks belong, and if you sort by project then you get a kind of project list.


Wow–Great responses, @Jason_Woods and @Julien_RENAUD!


Cool thanks for that @Julien_RENAUD didn’t realise you can do that. Also didn’t realise the export is only available for Admins.

Hopefule for @Felipe_Ardila_Cuervo one of these solutions work.


Hi everyone and thanks for all your contributions!

Not sure which answer to mark as the correct one, since you all have good points! So @Felipe_Ardila_Cuervo, if you’re an Admin, the quickest way to go is to “Export Membership Data” within your Admin console. If you’re just a regular user, the solution offered by Julien is probably the best!

Let us know if you have any follow up questions! And thanks again to all Certified Pro and Forum Champions involved here… what a Team!