Find Projects I own

How can I pull a report of projects owned by a certain user?
We are trying to implement a weekly task to: “update project statuses of projects you are the owner of” but we have ALOT of projects. How can someone find a list of all the projects they own?

Hi Ashley
I was trying find way to do this some time ago. I couldn’t find simple way. What I figure out was: when you assume that all projects have at least one task or conversation, you can create search result like this:

and when you get result, you have to sort it by project: . When you sort it, you have to collapse everything and then you have your list:

Of course it is better to establish inside your organisation rules for projects. Who can be owner, what are responsibility etc. You have to remind everyone that they should turn on “Remind me to update the status every Friday”.

I hope it help.


Thanks for jumping in @Charlie_Pilch! I just realise now that I never posted the reply I drafted earlier on for @AshleyWright! Not ideal but this is definitely the best way to get a list of projects owned by one person. I search the Forum and wasn’t able to find any #productfeedback thread covering this topic, so I’d recommend creating a new one to allow other users to vote for this feature request :slight_smile:

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Thanks! This is a workaround, but def clunky. The problem as I see is that this also pulls and archived projects, which I am not interested in, since I only want projects that need to have the status updated (active projects). I’ve been using Asana for almost 5 years and the number of projects I have owned in that time is MANY. So, I’d love to know if there is a way to filter OUT the projects that are archived.

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Hi Ashley
I actually moved all our archived projects into a new team. That way I can filter my search for just the team I want and it keeps the archived projects out of my search results.