Deactivated Users still listed as project owner

I know when you remove a user from Asana, Asana creates a project “ Previously Assigned Tasks”. This is helpful to redistribute the work; however, I didn’t see similar functionality with Project Ownership.

I ran across a few projects which were set up by users prior to their account deactivation where the user was still listed as the Project Owner. Is there a way I can get a list of all projects which are assigned to previous users?

Additionally, can something be added to the deactivation process which would create a “List of Projects Ownership for ” to the “ Previously Assigned Tasks” project?


Was there ever a resolution to this? I came looking for this exact answer (now four years later).
I have a deactivated user as project owner for multiple projects and the team members are listed as “comment only”, including myself. So i can’t change anything myself nor archive the project. Would love to be able to just reassign the owner now.


Yes! I would love a solution for this myself. I took over the Project Management position at my job and even as a super admin I can’t transfer the ownership of those projects. There’s a lot of long forgotten tasks that I’d love to clean up but can’t because I can’t add myself those older projects.


I also have this issue. Any update from Asana support would be appreciated!

Hello @Makenna,

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If you are in an Asana Org and the user has been deauthorized you might be able to enable the account again and then the other user can make the project owner changes.

Otherwise contact support and they will be able to assist.

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