Remove member of team and migrate owned projects to her account

I’m on the premium tier and need to remove a team member and migrate her owned projects to her regular account. She is not a premium user.

How do I do this?

If I remove her from the team, she can no longer see the projects. How do I transfer the projects over to her?

I’ve made the project “private” now instead of “public to my team”. Is it safe to remove the Owner now?

Hi @Jef_Mendoza, thanks for reaching out!

You can easily do so following these steps: Is it Possible to Move Projects Between Workspaces?

In regards to your second question, please ensure the project has at least one project member before removing the owner. This will ensure the private project is still accessible.

I hope this helps and I hope you have a nice weekend! :slight_smile:

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Hi Emily,

So I set all the projects to private, verified that the owner was still a member of those projects, and then I removed the person from my team. Somehow this removed the owner from the projects also. I had to re-add the owner.

However; the owner is saying they are missing a critical project. I don’t recall seeing this project in my list. Could it have been a project only the owner had access to? How can we recover this project?

I created a HelpDesk ticket. Hopefully, they can resolve this soon.

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Thanks for following up on this, @Jef_Mendoza! I checked internally and I see our support team reached out to you. I hope the issue is solved soon!

Hi Emily,

Yes, Jamie from Asana Support was able to fine the orphaned project and give back access to myself and the owner. She also provided this feedback similar to what you said earlier.

“For future reference, if a project has all non-limited access members and owner leave, it will be essentially be inaccessible. Please be sure to have the owner transfer ownership of the project before they leave the project.”

I think next time, it’d be best to ask the owner if there are projects that the team administrator doesn’t see. Although I’d prefer if the admin can see all projects within the team.

Thanks for your help and time.

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I’m glad to know the issue is now solved, @Jef_Mendoza!

Thanks so much for sharing the extra information here, it’ll be very helpful for other users that have the same question and also for me in future threads! :star: