Complete process for handling departed/former/previous employee


I’m trying to understand the complete process for handling a departed/former/previous employee. So far, I think I have some of the pieces:

  • Employee is deactivated in O365 which causes their tasks to be added to a new project "Jane Doe’s Previously Assigned Tasks. We won’t have to manually deprovision the employee, correct?

  • The chosen Super Admin becomes owner of the new project and can reassign tasks to a different employee. Can be done in bulk.

  • Can the Super Admin reassign ownership of the new project to the manager of the departed employee?

  • Does Asana pull in Manager information from O365? If so, could Asana assign the new project to the Manager automatically?

  • What about Projects, Portfolios, Dashboards that are owned by the departed employee? Can they be transferred to a new owner in bulk?

  • Finally, what about fields created by the user with the “Only you can edit this field’s settings”? How can these fields be reassigned?

Thanks much!!!

Hi @AuntJan,

Here are (IMO) the best resources for this topic:


Thanks so much! I will check this out on Monday.


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