Offboarding report: a tool to manage an employee leaving


If you have been using Asana for a while and were confronted with a user leaving, you know it usually leaves a trail of problems: templates they owned can’t be edited anymore, custom fields they created were locked, nobody is notified to update goals they owned…

At iDO, we like to create useful tools, and we created Offboarding report. The tool will generate a report of all objects owned by someone leaving.

Word of warning:

  • we suggest the employee runs the tool themselves because they might have access to private objects no one else can see
  • Portfolios: only the employee itself will be able to generate a report.
  • Inbox: Asana does not allow to access the Inbox of someone else.
  • Rules: Asana does not allow to access Rules.
  • Custom fields: Asana does not allow access to custom fields permission, we can only access the creator.

We hope this tool will be useful. As always, don’t hesitate to share your feedback!



Thanks for creating this tool, @Bastien_Siebman. I appreciated the early access and it looks like it will be helpful.

Also, for others’ reference, here’s my list of (many) steps to bear in mind when offboarding a user:


Can you reference the tool in your post? Thanks

Done! Thanks for the reminder.

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