Enhancing Deprovisioning with SSO Providers

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As we continue to go through automation and relying on 3rd party applications for deprovisioning employees, I think it would be great if we can focus on how to make the integrations more powerful.

My Request
Often times, when offboarding a user from a tool such as Asana, there are things that need to be considered for a smooth transition. In the case of Asana, those are transferring of projects, custom fields, dashboards, goals, rules, etc (see @lpb provides a great resource as to what some of those are here ).

At this time, Asana will create a project with all assigned tasks for the offboarded employee. The employee can be offboarded manually by an admin through Asana directly or they can leverage their SSO provider if it includes SCIM provisioning.

Potential Solution
For many IT shops using an Identity & Access Management provider like Okta, they may not be working inside of the tool itself so it would be helpful for an admin/IT individual or team to be able to kick off the offboarding process within Okta and then route where all ownership items (within Asana) created by the user should go. This would streamline the work for IT and also reduce any friction for the team the user has departed from.

This requests would work well if taken into account with the other request I had submitted regarding User Deprovisioning & Transferring of Ownership




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fyi I am working on a tool called “Offboarding report” listing all the object the off boarded employee is the owner off!

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It is now available, hope it helps Offboarding report: a tool to manage an employee leaving