User Deprovisioning & Transferring of ownership

Hey Community,

As time goes on and new features are added to Asana, we need a better way to transfer items created by a user after leaving an Asana team or organization whether its voluntary or involuntary. it’s been easy to take advantage of using features such as goals, projects, rules, and more. @lpb provides a great resource as to what some of those are here.

My Request
It would be great if Asana could add additonal settings for when an employee leaves the company or team. Similar to what happens when someone leaves and a project is transferred to an admin, giving the ability to see all items owned by that user and having the ability to transfer anything necessary will be huge. This is crucial for companies and something such as this tends to be missed by IT teams if:

a) There’s Shadow IT at play and they don’t know the tool is being used within the org
b) the org doesn’t have SCIM provisioning set up or are not in a plan that includes it
c) An org doesn’t have an SSO provider

Potential Solution

  • Additional section within the Admin portal that gives you a breakdown of what is owned by each user by feature (e.g. rules, projects, etc.).
  • Ability to click on a user and see what is owned by them
  • Ability to pull a report and see who owns what
  • Ability to modify ownership items in bulk

Anything else I may have missed?



Thanks, @AndySaavedra, for contributing this!



Oh perfect thanks for creating this @AndySaavedra

I hope this will be implemented as it would be very helpful


I am working on a tool I called “Offboarding report” giving you a list of objects owned by the person: projects, templates, custom fields, portfolios…

I think it will be useful!


Hoping this gets way more votes since the overall lack of admin/super-admin access, reporting, and controls is a huge pain point.

For example: We just lost edit access to a bunch of Templates (in the new format, if that matters) because edit access to them apparently needed to be manually transferred/shared by a leaving staff member before their account was offboarded.

There is bascially no IT/admin-level visibility into what is going to break during an offboarding (rules, integrations, template ownership, etc etc) and it becomes incumbent on other staff to discover and flag such things at which point it appears filing a support ticket is the only recourse to regain access?

At the very least one would hope Asana would want to take a load off their own support staff by making offboarding workflows more robust for their customers!

I am working on a tool to (partially) solve this. It is called “Offboarding report” and will be ran by a leaving employee (or their manager) to spit out a list of objects owned by them.

That’s great to hear, Bastien! I don’t think any of us considered a report that gives you the information as well. That would definitely be useful in situations where an audit needs to be performed on a large set of users.


Is the tool that you are building through Flowsana or will that be a new tool that is created and gets added to the Marketplace?

Neither, it will be a webpage you visit to get the report.


Definitely keep me posted regarding that tool! You rock @Bastien_Siebman :star_struck:

It would be really good to have a summary of all the rules / triggers / workflows / forms created by an individual available when removing them from an organisation.

Currently, we get a project ‘PreviouslyAssigned Tasks’. It would make a lot more sense to enhance this feature now and include all the other features that were created by this individual. This will help in the transition / handover process to whoever will take over.



The tool is available → Offboarding report: a tool to manage an employee leaving

On premium plan. Would like to look for a way to remove the name of the employee who has left from Asana.

Instead of displaying “John Smith updated this task” would like to remove the name so it says something like “Removed user updated this task.”

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Yes it is correct that normally when you deprovision somebody from the Asana organization, the comments still show under their name.
Now if your really want to rename a user before removing them you can do so via the admin console .

Personally I wouldn‘t do it as for me it‘s still important to see who has worked on a task in the past but up to you.