Deprovisioning users who leave the company

Hi! We have Asana Business. I am wondering about when someone leaves our company. Let’s say I don’t deprovision them in Asana. Our IT will disable their company email address. Could that person still get back into our Asana if I don’t deprovision them, even though their email address doesn’t actually work?

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Hi @Kristen_Adams and thank you for reaching out!

Seem like your Company doesn’t have the G-Suite enable so even though their email address was disable, the users can still access to Asana since using their account.

In this case, I would recommend deprovisioning the user following these steps:

Please note that after you have deprovisioned someone from your Organization, a private project containing their previously assigned tasks will be created for you. This allows you to easily find and reassign any pending tasks the deprovisioned person has left behind.

I hope this helps! Please let me know if you have any follow-up questions!