Can deprovisioned users gain unwanted access back to the organisation?

Hi, I’m confused about a phrasing in the Asana guide.

In Setting up an organisation - Removing someone it says

Please note that deprovisioning a user from your organization will result in their company email address being removed from their account; if the address is added back to their account, they will reappear in your organization. Additionally, if the user does not have an alternative email address associated with their Asana user account, deprovisioning them from your organization may result in them being locked out of Asana.

That reads to me like it would be possible for someone to re-gain access to our organisation without us actually wanting that? I don’t really believe that’s how it works, but I haven’t found anything clarifying this so far.

What I am quite sure about is that they won’t regain access to what they had access to before.
I checked the admin console, there is a “restore” button so I am 99% sure you can’t regain access unless being restored.

However I was able to re-invite someone without going through the restore process.

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