No option to Deprovision and remove old members from drop-downs after following instructions

I would like instructions on removing prior team members names and email addresses from populating the dropdown list when you select to assign a task. Listed are team members which were previously removed from the group through the normal means, and no longer even display as members of the team. I read the prior threads on “Deprovisioning” but am not given the option after I re-invite them back. It just prompts me to “Ask an Organization Member to deprovision” if I need all access revoked. We are all members of the Organization, and I created the team board initially, so I don’t see why my account wouldn’t be given the option to Deprovision. Any tips on how to make this happen?
I attempted to follow the instructions listed here - Setting up an organization in Asana | Product guide • Asana

Where the video displays the system giving you the “deprovision” option, mine does not display that. Only suggests I contact a member of the Organization if I want them deprovisioned.

Do you have access to the Admin console?

Sorry for the delay, no, I do not see an option for an Admin Console when I click on my profile image in the top right corner of my console. Is there another place to find it?

Are you on a paid plan? Do you pay for a single team or the org?

I am on a free plan. Thank you for your help.

Then I’ll need help from @Emily_Roman and @Rebecca_McGrath I don’t know the free plan enough sorry.

Thank you I’ll wait to hear back. Appreciate everyone’s help!