Account Deprovisioned Without Backup Email Address Set Up

Hi there,

I was recently deprovisioned from an organizational account, but was not able to add a second email address for backup recovery of my information before the change happened.

As such, I’m unable to now log in to my old email account that had all of my projects, tasks and workspaces. Is there a way to recover that data if I did not DELETE the account?

Sorry if it’s confusing, not sure I completely understand what happened here either.


Hi @Trevor_Anderson - Thanks for reaching out! This sounds like a question for our support team, as we are unable to address personal account questions like these in the public Community Forum. I recommend that you reach out to support at Asana Support - Help Center • Asana.

At a high level, I also recommend that you reach out to the Asana org or team admin that deprovisioned your account. It is likely that the admin will have to request to have the information retrieved in this instance.

Hi Alexis,

Thanks for replying. I’m not sure where to send a message to Support. The Support link reroutes me to this forum - where do I direct a private inquiry?

I’ll alert the admin that he may need to get involved.

Hi @Trevor_Anderson! I recommend that you visit Asana Support - Help Center • Asana, then click “I’m having trouble with” and scroll to the bottom of the page. You’ll see the following page and be invited to contact support by clicking “Let’s talk.”

Thanks for the feedback about how it is to find a way to contact support. I’ll deliver that information back to my team! This is a new support page for us, so thoughts like this are always helpful :slight_smile:

I hope the team is able to help you find the answers you need!

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How can I backup Asana to a file? This is in case someone makes unauthorized or accidental changes. With a backup, I can restore to a previous version.