Recover deleted team, when I have multiple teams/mail-domains?

I had two teams. I thought I deleted only the one, since this one was from an old job and I don`t have access to the email. But the team with my current mail adress also got lost. I read somewhere that I could sign up again with the same mail, but it only created a blank team.
Please help, I have some realy important data from a genious brainstorm I need to recover!!

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In this case I recommend reaching out to Asana Support and they will be able to assist: How to contact our Support Team ✉

I recommend reaching out from the email from which the team was initially created. You can cc the other Asana email that you have.

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Thank you! Do you have any idea when I can expect a reply from support?

You have a paid Asana account or free one? For free ones it might take a bit longer.
When did you send the initial email?
Also did you contact Asana via your Asana email correct?

I have free plan. But Im willing to pay to get this fixed.
I used the support form about a week ago

@Marie can you maybe assist here?

Hi @Jan-Tore_Ljøstad1, can you DM me the email address you have used to contact our support team please? To DM, simply click on my profile picture > Message.