List projects Without Incomplete Tasks


Maintaining a clean and healthy Asana account is paramount. Finding and archiving projects without anything left to do within seems like a good first step, isn’t it?

This is what our latest iDO tool does: go through your account and list any project without incomplete tasks in them. In my case, I found 12. What about you?

Run the tool and find out!



Is there a way to pull a report of archived projects?

@lpb didn’t you provide a solution for this recently? it does ring a bell

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Yes, @anon42595750, and thanks, @Bastien_Siebman.

On a paid Asana plan, use Advanced search and limit your results if you can to, say, one or more teams (use the Add filter menu at the bottom).

Then in the search results switch the tab to Projects.

The archived ones are designated:


@lpb you can’t isolate only archived projects correct?

That’s right; you can’t isolate them more than in the way I indicated, as far as I know.