🛠 A tool to complete or unassign tasks in archived projects?

You might have realized that in Asana, when you archive a project, assigned tasks stay opened. That could be confusing to some people expecting them to be completed automatically or unassigned (there is not archive concept for task in Asana).

Would that make your life easier if there was a tool you could run on a regular basis that would unassign or complete any incomplete task within archived projects? Anyone interested?


Would this give me notifications or flag items as being modded?

I would be very interested, as long as I could see the tasks that were incomplete and exercise discretion over whether to close them. Maybe even just giving the ability to search for these tasks…right now there is no search option for whether a Task is in an Archived Project or not, right?

yes right.

The regular notifications would be fired.

That’s where that becomes complex because it means having a system to inspect dozens of tasks and allowing some pick and choose :confused:

I search the archived project for such tasks using Advanced Search, but I’m sure such tool would be helpful for new Asana users.

I’d be very interested in this. We have clients pulling back projects during the pandemic and placing them “on hold”. As we’ve secured a contract, we’ll eventually re-activate the project, (Hopefully we’ll be coming out of this!) but if there was a way to remove the tasks from the “My priorities” view for an archived project or one that was placed “on hold”, it would give a better depiction of my, and my team’s, workload.

In this case you can email me at bastien@ido-clarity.com to discuss your specific use case. Thanks