Hide completed subtasks

While Asana continues to work on this feature (or ignore us completely) here’s a hack that might come in handy -
The auto-hiding of completed subtasks does not work in the List view but it does work in the Board view. You can toggle between seeing all tasks and incomplete tasks - the filter also gets applied to subtasks automatically.

This makes me think this is a bug in the list view that has needed fixing for approx. 3 yrs now.

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Thanks for the tip! I was excited to try it, but the reverse happened for me: showing only incomplete tasks hid the completed subtasks in the list view but not in the board view. :woman_facepalming:

I wish it worked for me that way. I was more interested in the list view than the Board view but this seems only work for me in the Board view. However, slowly I’m getting used to the Board view, it’s not that bad.

I too would like to ask that Asana sorts this out. I have subtasks inside or subtasks and the board view does not allow me to fix this as suggested above so it is not ideal and puts people off using it effectively.

Hello, is there an update on this? It has been 2 years and this seems like a pretty straightforward feature request…