How to make subtasks disappear upon completion

how can we make the subtasks disappear after they are completed? I would like them to disappear rather than just have a light shade to them. Is this possible?


Hi @Tyson_Bradford - Interesting idea. At this time it is not possible to make subtasks disappear. However, if the subtask has been added to the parent project and appears in the parent project list, it will “disappear” (aka only appear in completed tasks view).

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Hi both,
I wanted to check if it’s possible by now to have subtasks disappear?

Same Question 3 years later - any solution or plan ?

I also would like this please. We use subtasks a lot

Also, if you click into the subtask, there should be a back button to the task

@Simon_Matthews - Do your subtasks not have the parent task listed like this (see screenshot)? Something I often do use the keyboard shortcut ⌘ + [ to take me back a screen (if I came from the parent task that is).

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