Hide completed subtasks



That’d be great if we could have an option to hide all completed subtasks in a task.

Do not show completed subtasks
Feature Requests - Hide Completed Subtasks or Move to Bottom
Add option to hide / collapse completed subtasks
Please make completed subtasks hidden! This is a huge obstacle to the usefulness of subtasks
Option to view only uncompleted sub-tasks
Feature Requests - Hide Completed Subtasks or Move to Bottom

Yes, we use a recurring task for expense reports and a subtask for each person who needs to submit them. As months have gone by, this task has gotten quite crowded without the ability to hide completed subtasks.


that would be awesome!


Yes, it’s getting all messy up inside our subtasks. Would love to see this implemented too.


Can’t believe this is not already a feature. we have multiple sub tasks in a daily task. if we have 6 sub tasks, within a week we’ll have 30 archived sub-tasks. How can we manage this?


Any update on this feature? It’s really getting messyb in the sub tasks


+1 for this. It would be very useful.

Our use case
Currently we use subtasks as a checklist when we get one customer. We can convert this task to a project but it would be hard to get an overview of all customers so we decide to keep each customer as a task and put all customers into a “CRM” project so we can know which step each customer is in.

Given that we have 30+ steps for one customer, it become very difficult to switch between subtasks and parent task. Whenever we return back to parent task from subtask, we are bring back to the first subtask, and we need to click “Load more subtasks” for several times in order to go the subtask we are working on. It’s such a waste of time.

So, in short, I think “hide completed subtasks” would be very useful when working on tasks with lots of subtasks.


I’d love to see this feature as well.

We publish a magazine and we use subtasks as a process checklist and required items for articles. The parent tasks are the individual articles, and the project is the issue the article will be printed in. So we have about 40 articles per issue, and each article has a subtask checklist of about 30 items. It gets crazy when you have to scroll down and click “see more subtasks” for each article as we approach the end of the edit cycle.

Hiding completed subtasks would be game changing!


+1 here too

We have a design board where there are lots of files attached to cards/tasks. Once the card/task is completed we would like to archive the task/subtask so the files attached don’t appear in the files tab which is getting completely out of hand to manage.


+1 here too! this is definitely an issue we’re facing as well. It would great to have a feature in Asana that would allow us to either archive the completed subtask completely or hide it. If not, is there any way to at least have new subtasks immediately move to the top of the list? Currently, the subtask goes to the bottom and we need to click “Load more subtasks” to finally get to the new subtask we’re working on. Would love to see these features added as it would make things much easier!


Please! This would be a godsend.


That would be awesome !!!


Agreed–this would be super helpful!!!


Yeah this would be really helpful!


+1 for this!

We use Asana Tasks as our company projects, and Asana Projects as the calendar year, 2018, 2019, ect. We manage 100’s of projects, so we didn’t want to create an Asana Project for each one, it makes much more sense to create a Task for each project.
Then, tasks within our projects are subtasks. It would be great to be able to hide completed subtasks within the Task pane! The list does fill up quickly.


Come on! Do it!!!


+1 here too.


+1. Without it it’s getting really messy


+1. Does Asana need more programmers? This seems like a simple amendment but it’s still not been implemented. Why?


+1 here as well. Even if you allowed the filter logic from the milestone to “flow down” to the sub-task levels that would be greatly appreciated.