Hide completed subtasks




Completed Subtasks linger, cant be hidden, and makes the subtask feature nearly useless


+1 Here! Add this feature please!!! :smiley:


+1 it would a real nice one


Yes please! Or at least put the finished tasks at the bottom of the list.


Same here. Completed, recurruing subtasks are rendering the task panel useless.


I second this request


Ditto. This is a must have


We are debating no longer using SubTasks because of this known issue.
For the love of all things holy, please hide the Completed Subtasks.

Please make completed subtasks hidden! This is a huge obstacle to the usefulness of subtasks



Moving completed tasks to the bottom of the list would also be a suitable option but especially when used for edits its extremely inconvenient that the open tasks aren’t added the top of the list.


Please give us the option for completed subtasks to be hidden, especially on phone apps, but also on the web interface.

It is frustrating to an absurd degree that the completed tasks linger “faded out” with no way to make this disappear completely.

It’s such total waste for us to have to scroll through all those completed subtasks, or having to open the subtask to delete it (and, accidentally deleting the main task in the process, which is also extremely frustrating).

Basically, this makes the subtasks nearly unusable if you have more than just a few subtasks in it. It is exceptionally frustrating.


Thanks for sharing your feedback @Matt5 and sincere apologies for the inconvenience here. If you don’t mind, I’ll just merge your post with Hide completed subtasks as this post already has quite a few votes!


I am hoping that having it merged with it will help push this along. I realize that we may seem few, but it truly does make the subtask option nearly useless for any task that has any size or length to it. Some tasks necessarily are very long-duration tasks (taking months to reach completion) and get utterly bloated with subtasks.


Agreed with @Matt5 - this seems like a relatively simple change - and something that we really improve the Asana user experience and functionality. As I will also have multiple sub tasks within an ongoing task - and they way it is currently arranged - after 10+ sub tasks, it gets very clogged up!

Thanks guys!



Completely agree with the above; I’m a new user and have already identified that this would be a useful functionality



Completely agree as well. Our organization is new to using Asana and would like to use it more, but this is one of the main limitations that we have found.


yes, please implement this asap. this is a HUGE headache


I can’t believe this wasn’t implemented when you launched subtasks. it gets SO messy.


Asana - any news on this???

Seems like a lot of people all want the same thing :slightly_smiling_face:



Yes please, this is urgently needed, why is Asana not responding? I have just set a client up on Asana and if this option is not possible then I do not think she will implement it throughout her team.