Hide completed subtasks



Any update on this??? We really need this feature implemented to avoid having so much clutter! Thank you!


Yes please.


+1 Has anyone received an update from asana team on this?
Having to “load addtl sub tasks” to get to the bottom of a list of already completed tasks is frustrating.
I don’t want to lose the task history, but almost better at this point to delete the completed sub tasks???
Asana team - help please


God. Yes. Please.
Unless there’s another method we’re unaware of… We’re forced to delete previous completed subtasks because the list because too long to make scrolling practical.


As stated before by several users, sometimes you need to add several subtasks to a task and keeping visible the completed ones is too messy and time consuming. Please add this feature.


Hi @Marie, any news about this? Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:


Not at the moment @Federico_Neri, but I’m keeping a close eye on this and will update this thread as soon as I have some news on my end!


I make videos, and when I’m incorporating a lot of revisions I’ll add them all as subtasks to a “Do Revisions Task.” Quick to add, easy to find.

But as I complete them, I find to click Load More Subtasks to see the tasks I haven’t completed, while all the visible-by-default tasks at the top are completed tasks I don’t need to think about anymore.

I don’t like deleting tasks, so I start playing a fun game where I grab all the completed tasks and drag them to the bottom out of my way, instead of working on my videos.

So here’s the feature request: Could there be a button or a profile setting to automatically hide completed subtasks or move them to the bottom?


it would be optimal to have it set on a project level, as the view of complete tasks.
It may be required for some projects, while it is a waste of time scrolling down for other projects.


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We use subtasks a lot, especially for workflows which are defined as templates. However, as I complete the subtasks I find myself scrolling back and forth in order to find the uncompleted ones. There should be an option to hide / collapse completed subtask (and remember that setting on a per-user-and-task basis).


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Hide completed subtasks


It will be useful to have option for viewing “Uncompleted Sub-tasks” under main task since sometimes i have recurring tasks inside a task and its gets overcrowded inside the main task. This option will be really helpful to keep the task clean.


Agreed! It would be great.


Thanks for your feedback @Deepak_Goel! We already have a thread on this topic, so I have gone ahead and merged your post with the main thread! Fee free to add your vote here as votes don’t carry over when threads are merged! Again, thanks for taking the time to share your feedback with us, it is very much appreciated!


Just one more vote for hidden subtasks. This would be a great feature.


+1 this would be helpful.


I am surprised this is not a thing yet considering the support - another +1


Please do this Asana!!! Having all these completed subtasks sitting around (especially on mobile devices) is just like having dinner guests over that won’t go away and you’re 3 hours late for bed.


Just adding another vote in favor of this, it would be really helpful!