Hide completed subtasks



Please please please please please please. For an app that has such beautiful UX, this is the one glaring oversight that makes this panel VERY difficult to use. Any amount of subtasks beyond like 4 or 5 and it just gets cumbersome. I just end up having to delete every task instead of completing it, just so uncompleted tasks don’t get lost!


This. Would. Be. Super. Helpful. :smiley:


I’ve been wanting this for years now. C’mon! Please?


Marie - is there a reason this thread has been going on for over 18 months and Asana haven’t addressed it?

It seems like there’s no negatives to offering this functionality for users, and I can’t imagine it’s particularly complex given normal tasks disappear once complex if set to view “Incomplete Tasks” only.

There’s clearly many people that would find this useful, so I’m not fully sure what the point of this forum is if the feedback just gets ignored?


Hi @TomH87 and thanks for reaching out!

I’m aware this feedback is very popular in the Forum; we’re always trying to action as many feedback as possible, but our Development Team has to balance feedback from the Forum with the feedback we receive from other channels, as well as the development of new features. As you can imagine, with hundreds of feedback received every day, we don’t have the capacity to make every request/feedback happen on time; while I can’t promise this will be introduced in the near future, I’ll make sure to make a note to our Product Team to highlight how critical is that feature request. Thanks again for your patience and understanding!


Thanks Marie - much appreciated!


+1. It’s telling that Google autocompletes “Asana hid” with “Asana hide completed subtasks” (and that’s even before “Asana hide completed tasks”).


@marie. One more vote for Hide Subtasks. This seems to me this should be a top priority for the Dev team. For every person who requests it, Ten more are thinking it. There are other platforms that do this, and we might just bail on Asana to use them.


Another vote - please please for the love of all things organised


+1 We manage many projects so set broad categories as Projects then use tasks and subtasks to manage the individual projects. Being able to hide completed subtasks would be amazing!