Hide completed subtasks

My family would love this. Bump!

+1 we moved from Trello to Asana recently, would be great t be able to toggle show/hide of completed subtask checklists

Why is it so easy to collate topics but not to solve the issues? The need to hide completed tasks is crucial to eliminate the noise.

This is an absolutely essential feature. An easy toogle or project based setting would be ideal. Really need this! Thank you!


Yes absolutely necessary ! Thank you

Any updates on this? Very necessary feature.

+1 … could really use this especially now LOL

Would be nice to be able to toggle the visibility subtasks that are completed. Some of our tasks have A LOT of subtasks so it would be nice to only see the ones that still need done.

Have a look at Hide completed subtasks =)

Thanks idk how I missed this… must not have been searching for the proper terms … thank you :slight_smile:

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