Hide completed subtasks

We’ve been waiting patiently for 2+ years on this simple fix… @Natalia do you have an update?

Not at the moment @Jack_McCurley. But rest assure I will update this thread as soon as I have more information on my end.

Thank you for your patience and welcome to the Forum!

100%. Imagine using a card for each page on your website with subtasks being all the updates and modifications over time. Imagine doing this for a year or two and now imagine not being able to know what is going on because you can’t filter out completed tasks.

Wondering if there has been progress on this feature–it is becoming counterproductive and disorganized to use subtasks at this point…

One more vote to add to this feature request please. Such an important feature that’s missing from Asana.

I am 100% confident a feature request that’s consistently posted for 2+ years deserves to be implemented. PLEASE IMPLEMENT !



Please follow-up and action this. On tasks with long lists of subtasks, it is frustrating to need to click show more sub-tasks every time if you want to check progress down the bottom.

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Do we have this yet? :slight_smile: Would be awesome!

Asana! How is this feature still not live? I’m hoping from the recent “View subtasks under main task” in list view update you’re watching this thread?

Might crack 3 years if you’re lucky :clinking_glasses:

Hi! I’d love for this feature to roll out! I just onboarded my team to use Asana, and it’d be great to hide completed subtasks so they can focus on pending ones and in so doing help them better adapt to this new tool.

This is absolutely a critical feature for me. When organising project tasks that need to be grouped, it becomes very difficult to find incomplete tasks in the board.

Why not just sort it so the incomplete tasks are at the top?

This difficulty in organising is enough that I will be looking at other options for my next project, despite everything else about Asana being great.

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Please please please add this feature, the same viewing options as standard task list, by incomplete tasks or completed within a certain timeframe. It would be hugely beneficial to has this function for subtasks as well.

Please add this feature asap!

I’d love subtasks to be ‘hideable’ too as, when you have a lot of subtasks, they clutter the list up and slows down getting to the incomplete tasks. David

2 years on and this still hasn’t been sorted out?

We need this ASAP. Hope it’s implemented soon. I have been trying to use Asana on and off for many years, and this issue keeps coming up, making subtasks impossible to use for long term projects or organization. As a result, I keep dropping off Asana and going back to other things. It’s a serious impediment to function, and one that keeps me from making the jump to buying a Business account. Thank you for keeping us informed @Natalia


Welcome to the Forum @Eliza_Gauger and thank you for sharing your feedback on this topic. We are totally aware this is a pain point for many users in Asana and a very popular request in the Forum, and it is definitely on our radar for future improvements. Both, Marie and I are closely following up on this topic internally and we will keep you informed as soon as we get any update.

Thank you for your feedback Eliza! This is super helpful to keep advocating for this feature!

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Hi There, Just wanted to keep this request rolling. It would make finding and organising information so much easier if you could hide the completed sub tasks.

It looks like you get a few requests each month. That should give an idea of how important it is when you consider the numbers who want the functionality but haven’t said anything.