Hide completed subtasks

Hi Marie, we sure hope this feature roll’s out in the near future, sometimes it’s like an endless scroll of done subtasks :wink:

Any update on this feature?

This is very much needed!!

Hello just adding my contribution to this thread I think this would be extremely helpful for me and my team!! Any updates would be appreciated!! @Marie

What’s the delay in a feature like this? It should really have been implemented from the start.

Please add this feature! It would be super useful. My tasks are getting super messy with all of the subtasks within them

+1 on this one. It would be much more user-friendly. Thank you :slight_smile:

This would be a very helpful feature!

I can not belive this is not done when asket in July 2017 - when using repeating subtasks, it gets so messy. Please, please, please focus on this!

Any update here? Thank you.

Not at the moment @Kája_M, but I’ll update this thread as soon as I have an update!

@Marie Please do keep us informed. Clearly this is a pressing request from the Asana community, and has been for 3 years at least. Thank you for prioritizing this in an update in the near future!

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I have only just started with Asana and now am wondering if I made the wrong decision - we use a lot of subtasks and recurring jobs and seeing doubles of all these tasks is just not going to work!! Is there anyway -if they can’t be hidden- (I don’t even know why anyone would want them on the new task at all) if they could automatically go to the bottom of the list??


This would help IMMENSELY for repeated tasks with repeated subtasks.