Have fun learning Asana with this quiz! Version 2022

Hi all,

One year after Have fun learning Asana with this quiz! Version 2021, it’s time for the quiz again :slight_smile: I’m sharing some questions used in 2022 Japan community events, plus some new ones.

There are twelve (12) questions in total. I’m excited to see how many questions you can answer correctly!
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【Company questions】

Question 1

Of which feature did Justin Rosenstein lead the development at Facebook after a hackathon?

  • 1 - Like button
  • 2 - Messenger
  • 3 - Social graph
  • 4 - Workplace

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The correct answer is 1 - Like button.

You can hear the story in this clip: Justin Rosenstein: No Dislike Button on Facebook - YouTube. Here’s the full video: Justin Rosenstein: Leading Big Visions From the Heart [Entire Talk] - YouTube.
Just my guess, but I think Asana had the Heart button at first because they wanted to differentiate from Facebook.

Question 2

How many members did the Asana community forum reach in March 2022?

  • 1 - 10k
  • 2 - 100k
  • 3 - 1M
  • 4 - 10M

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The correct answer is 2 - 100k.

Asana community forum started in September 2016 and members reached 10k in December 2017. The forum reached 100k members in March 2022: The Asana Community Forum has reached 100K members!
At the end of 2022, the community already has 200k members :tada:

Question 3

Which webpage shows how Asana is working? (Please click the radio button instead of the link.)

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The correct answer is 3 - status.asana.com.

In rare cases where Asana is not working, we can visit this webpage to see if it’s their problem or ours.
At large outages, Asana often announces it on Twitter too.
It was trust.asana.com in the past, but that URL now redirects to Trust at Asana • Asana and serves as the trust & security page.

【Special questions】

Question 4

According to a Wavelength article by Dustin Moskovitz, work-life balance is important. We need breaks between work, both long-term and short-term. What is the method of resting in the red area?
(“Mediate” is a typo of “Meditate”. I cannot edit poll options. Sorry!)

  • 1 - Mediate
  • 2 - Take a nap
  • 3 - Watch cat videos
  • 4 - Yoga

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The correct answer is 3 - Watch cat videos.

Here’s the article: A new way to look at work-life balance (and how to achieve it)
Yes, Asana’s CEO emphasizes it’s important to watch cat videos and relax :heart_eyes_cat:

Question 5

Which cannot hide the cats shown with Tab+B?

  • 1 - Left-click on the window
  • 2 - Press Esc key
  • 3 - Reload the tab
  • 4 - All of the above

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The correct answer is 2 - Press Esc key.

Basically, all key inputs are paused while the cats are displayed. When we navigate to other pages (e.g. Tab+Z to My Tasks), the cats remain on the display.
:bulb: Pro-tip: Right-click on the cats to save the image!

Question 6

What’s the name of this cat owned by Justin Rosenstein (or the cat that owns him)?

  • 1 - Sake
  • 2 - Sashimi
  • 3 - Shoyu
  • 4 - Sushi

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The correct answer is 2 - Sashimi.

This quiz was provided by @Tomo_Aoki, the first ambassador in Japan and now Asana’s CS.

Justin has two cats – or, they have him, according to the tweet below.

The cat names were used as test user accounts in Asana. The same initial “S” caused conflicts, so they were later renamed :astonished:

【Advanced feature questions】

Question 7

How many languages are supported in Asana?

  • 1 - 8 languages
  • 2 - 10 languages
  • 3 - 12 languages
  • 4 - 14 languages

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The correct answer is 4 - 14 languages.

That’s quite a number :slight_smile: Here’s the history:

  • 2011: English
  • 2018: French, German, Portuguese, Spanish
  • 2019: Japanese
  • 2021: Traditional Chinese, Russian, Dutch, Polish, Italian, Swedish, Korean
  • 2022: Indonesian

Question 8

It’s important to ARCHIVE notifications. Which keyboard shortcut doesn’t work in Inbox?

  • 1 - A
  • 2 - H
  • 3 - I
  • 4 - E

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The correct answer is 1 - A.

An interesting thing is that both I and E work for archiving notifications.
Asana Guide says I while the in-app list (Cmd/Ctrl+/) says E.

Question 9

It’s also important to leave a task to stop receiving unneeded notifications. However, a comment mentioning you was edited and re-posted. You are added back to the task. True or False?

  • 1 - True
  • 2 - False

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The correct answer is 1 - True.

I just wondered and did an experiment to confirm this.

【Basic feature questions】

Question 10

What’s this celebration animal?

  • 1 - Dugong
  • 2 - Ermine
  • 3 - Fur Seal
  • 4 - Otter

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The correct answer is 4 - Otter.

I added this question because many people mistook this for a fur seal.
It was newly added to the family in 2020 after a community suggestion :unicorn:
It’s a real animal but it has a story to cheat human in Japan.

Question 11

Which is the first (top-left) appreciation sticker?


  • 1 - Dancing unicorn
  • 2 - People dancing under disco ball
  • 3 - Phoenix spreading love
  • 4 - Excited narwhal splashing in water

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The correct answer is 4 - Excited narwhal splashing in water.

The stickers are sorted vertically and horizontally in computer and mobile apps, but the top-left sticker is the same for both platforms.

I used this question at a Japan community event and at forum leader hangout sessions, and the correct answer rate was around 25%, almost the same as random selection :eyes:
“Basic” questions don’t mean they are easy😊

Question 12

What happens when you click the Asana logo at the top-left in the app?
Q12 - Asana-Logo

  • 1 - The company website opens
  • 2 - Home opens
  • 3 - My Tasks opens
  • 4 - Nothing

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The correct answer is 2 - Home opens.

I have a feeling it did nothing in the past (I might be wrong), but now, the Home tab opens by clicking the logo.
I see a different layout in one of my organizations – probably A/B testing. The Asana logo was in the new design as well, but it seems the logo was recently deleted (late November).


Thank you for participating :slight_smile:
How many questions did you answer correctly?
It’d be great if you can share your impressions and thoughts in replies or on the social media (#AsanaTogether). Please be careful not to disclose answers before others try this quiz!

Had fun, interested, want to learn more about Asana? We welcome you to Asana Together community!

See you next year :wave:


Great quiz as always @ShunS :clap:


Tremendous quiz, as always, @ShunS. Thanks for doing it. Let’s just say I didn’t get all of them right!!