Feature Request: Better Thumbnails (Video-Thumbnails, Thumbnails for large Images, Gif-Thumbnails, ...)

Thumbnails in Asana are quite limited. There are no thumbnails for:

  • Uploaded Videos
  • Linked Videos (Youtube / Vimeo /…)
  • GIFs that are larger than a specific filesize
  • Images that have a high resolution (eg. large hdpi UI Designs)

In Addition thumbnail-creation sometimes crashes (Safari Mac OS). E.g. when you close a task before the thumbnail is created or you upload multiple images at once…

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And, also, PDFs (first page) thumbnail also, please.

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It should be pretty standard…

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I think this feature isn’t still added, really?
If not that, I would like to know how activate or configure it. I see this feature necessary and very useful to track correctly posted data in tasks


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It would be very useful if Asana interpret’s pasted image/video content and generate a thumbnail or preview, like with the attachments.

It’s much easier to copy/paste a link than to attach it through Asana’s UI.
Too many steps, like saving an image, then attaching it.

Attachments generate thumbnails or live previews in the Task Thread. This will make it more visual if you’re sharing a video or still image.

This makes it easier.
You’re administrating hard data all the time during a project. This will soften it up.

Yes please. Images say more than words, but when placed in the correct context. Having the thumbnail at the bottom of the task doesn’t help.

Please allow inline thumbnails.

Yes, please show a visual preview of links!

This is a particular case of link previews, which many modern collaboration tools implement.

It’s not even hard - there are open source libraries like microlink that do this.

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We use our own cloud based on next cloud service and paste links for images and videos from it.

It would be nice to see thumbnails from that links like from google or Dropbox.

Thank you!

Way back in 2017 there was the FIRST request for thumbnail/image preview of PDF.
Well this is 2022 calling, surely Asana have fixed this? And make image preview for .mp4, and support for GIFs as well.

Is Asana not made for branches within creatives and advertising? We need to SEE what we work with! We need previews for fast workflow!

Please. You need to respond. Now.

Hello @sindre_kristoffersen

Welcome to the Asana Forum :hugs:

You’ll be happy to hear that a first step toward that vision has been recently taken, check out this post and notice how soon you’ll be able to see also Figma previews in there.

A new way to write clearer, more detailed tasks

Although it is just me speculating, I can imagine, mid to long term those features to be available in all text fields and not only description.

If you don’t see the update yet, just wait, it’ll roll out to 100% of customers in the next weeks.



Hey @sindre_kristoffersen,

to compile the votes I have gone ahead and merged your request into an existing one.

I also recommend to upvote here specifically for PDF thumbnails PDF Thumbnail Preview

Also a workaround was mentioned here.


Hello all!

I would like to recommend that in addition to PDFs and images, Asana add the opportunity to preview things like word docs, ppts, and videos. For us Marketing folks it would be even better than having to download the file and of course, the Asana feedback feature could be integrated.


@Madison_Davis there is a similar thread here:

It wouldn’t hurt to get your vote in there :+1:

But why don’t Asana just FIX this issue with no preview of PDFs and so on?
No need to VOTE or anything, just fix it? This issue was first commented in 2017.
There is no need for a “workaround” Just let the app/program work. Also there is no proper way to measure time used on projects, but that is another issue.

I used to work efficient and really fast with Basecamp. This is unfortunately like going back in time.

Hey @sindre_kristoffersen, I completely understand your frustration and I’d like to refer to this post.