Proofing for Videos

I noticed when I clicked on an attached PNG inside a task that in the upper right corner of the image viewer is a new option for “Proofing for Images”. This feature allows for comments to be added to the image which intern transforms those comments into subtasks.

@Marie Do you know if Asana is planning this type of functionality for video files (like Wipster or

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Hi @Brian_Massey and my apologies for the delay in responding to you!

Since Proofing was launched just this week, I don’t believe we’ve started working on Proofing for videos, but this is surely something we’re keeping on our radar for future improvements!

I’ve moved your post to the #productfeedback to allow you and other Forum members to vote for this feature to be implemented. One my end, I’ll make sure to keep you posted as soon as I have an update! Hope this helps Brian; let me know if there is anything else I can help with!

It would be nice for Asana to implement or integrate with some add-on or service that allows Video Proofing capabilities in-task.

Something similar to what Asana already has with images (Business Plan), but with video.
There are other Project Management Platforms that already allow this. They do it using an addon.

It looks something like this:

And each comment you make on the video (again, while being in the task, as the video is an attachment in the task), becomes a notification to the assignee.

This would be crucial for teams that produce video.

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This would be a game changer for our team. We currently use Vimeo review pages, and used before that, but having it integrated into Asana would be a dream come true. This would justify our small studio going into the Business plan for sure.

Yesss! Please do this!

I am a Wrike user currently and will be moving to Asana. The lack of a video proofing feature will be sorely missed.

Take a look at how they managed to integrate a youtube embed to generate the still frames and add comments at timecode. It was useful. But sadly the rest of their platform and customer service is going to ruin due to poor decisions by the dev team and sunsetting critical features without warning/repalcement. I would expect many users will be transitioning to Asana soon.


Please add video - we really need it! Thanks

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I thought I used this on a trial a few months ago. It’s a key factor in my decision to upgrade, but it’s not listed as a feature. I swear I used it though!

Has it been added now?

It is a bit frustrating that many other project management solutions offer online video proofing, yet Asana has not yet integrated it. At very least, collaborate through add-ons (which you already offer so many others, why not video collaboration tools?) with other providers like Wipster or Frame IO like others have mentioned. Hoping this can be addressed soon, as it seems the demand is there for you to offer it.

Please please please. We need this tool. Its critical moving forward for our video studio. Any updates?

Any updates? This would be a game-changer, and we would move to Asana ASAP if this happened.

Just curious what made you switch from Wrike to Asana? Also, this video proofing feature is needed asap!

@marie This would be a clutch feature for our extended team, any update here?

Wrike,, ftrack & etc. have proofing for video but not Asana - what a pity :man_shrugging:t2:

This type of video proofing would be a game changer for our team, and would definitely provide justification for our team to upgrade to a Business plan! Has there been any progress on video proofing in Asana Business?

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We have not seen any progress on this item yet.

This just came up in a creative meeting - we need a way to comment on / annotate videos, and we would almost certainly upgrade to a business plan if Asana provided this feature. As of now our best options are or Vimeo…

Something we would use constantly - please let us know when this is coming! :slight_smile:

Any update here? I can’t believe is not available.

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