Any integrations that allow or connect on-image/video feedback comments?



Sorry, little confusing I’m not sure how to word it - but essentially, we do graphic design and video editing a lot and there are great tools that have been used externally that allow comments/notes to be added directly to the area of the image/prototype or timestamp of the video.

Are there any tools like this that work with Asana - either natively or with a sync? Currently we’re just providing feedback either in-person or via text with timestamps/notes in the comments, but looking at other ways as we expand more into post-production.

Some examples are:


@Caisha I’m a bit unclear about what you’re asking. Are you asking to use Asana for comments within videos and/or images? Could you spell out the specific capability you’re looking for with Asana?


hi Alexis, the app is cool to make comments to a given task, espessially with a smartphone photo. but what we desperately need is the possibility to edit the photo inside the app to make notes on the photo e.g. with the fingernails.
i think that is what Caisha needs, too.

thanks, andy


I really like the great overview of tools @Caisha listed. If you don’t mind, I would like to add one other alternative:

(It’s a shameless plug since I’m a growth and content marketing manager at Filestage. :slight_smile: )

It’s a creative workflow tool that allows you to review images, videos, PDFs and audio files with co-workers and clients. You can easily use it together with Asana. We even wrote a blog post about how to use both tools to improve your internal workflows.