My Favourite Video Integration: Asana + Zoom - Zoom Zoom Zoom Let Me Hear You Say Ay Oh! ♪

As someone who has multiple meetings with clients, having the video stored separately from notes or in folders just does not work for me. The Zoom integration with Asana has been pivotal to me, as I personally use Clients as projects and the meetings inside them I have as tasks (alongside other tasks for that client of course). Obviously this is just one use case out of a million but here are my top favorite things about the Zoom integration:

1. Attach zoom meetings and the recording to the Asana Task

You have the ability inside the task (providing you have connected your project to the zoom app first under customize) to connect an existing meeting using the task ID or to create a new zoom meeting from Asana itself.

2. The ability to make tasks from within the zoom meeting

In meetings you can use the apps button on your zoom to access the Asana for zoom sidebar allowing you to create tasks during your meeting and attach them to existing projects, add due dates and assignees. Any Tasks that were linked will also show in this sidebar as agenda items.

You can also use the subtasks underneath to have action items and questions!

3. The option to add transcription straight into my tasks

If your Zoom plan has access to recordings and/or transcripts, and your account has it enabled, Asana will automatically retrieve the recording link and/or transcript and attach them to the linked task in Asana. So you never have to worry about not taking notes, as it will do it for you and add it to the task.

If you link the meeting to multiple tasks, all of the tasks will have the attachments of transcript and video added to it so there is no need to search!

To get this super integration linked up click here:

Then add to your projects under customize and apps:

Hopefully this makes your life easier, like it did mine!


Does anyone know if similar features are planned for Asana - Teams integration? Or does it already have a way to do the same stuff?

Tony Sileo, Principal Consultant
we-do-IT, Inc.

HI @Tony_Sileo There are similar features to this in Teams! Here is the guide to Teams Integration -

Thanks for the great overview!
And the funny screenshots :wink:

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What is the full guide about make a records and get it on the task on Asana after end of recording. I want to see all of details how to do it

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Here is the zoom integration link

There is no guide about what exactly I’m asking

Hi @Антон_Савельев apologies I must not have understood, you want to upload the zoom recording to the task itself? You would use the paperclip button on the top right of the task.

I want to understand how to make good settings to do it automatically after making it with Zoom+Asana integration

Fantastic post @Danielle-GenD, I too use Zoom on a daily basis and really need to start using this integration more consistently!

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This is great and I don’t have anything substantive to add other than to say I appreciate the very vintage meme.

This is genius!! I’ll be implementing this idea post haste. :raised_hands:t4::raised_hands:t4:

Super helpful. I can’t wait to put this to use. Thank you for highlighting it.

Hi! Thanks so much for this. Do you know if it’s possible to choose either the recording or the transcript to be added to the task? We also have one meeting link set up for multiple meetings and ideally we’d only want the recording/ transcript from the latest meeting to be added to a task. Do you know if this is possible?