PDF Thumbnail Preview


I have used a variety of task management tools. As a designer, it would be great if there was thumbnail/image preview of pdfs. I know that Basecamp there are.


Agreed, Images only appearing in the newsfeed view HUGE is going to be the reason I go with podio I think. the attachments you should get to choose if they are thumbnails or list view.


Does anyone have a solve (creative solve) for this?



This is needed badly!

Basecamp has this. Why not Asana?


Agreed. It’s incredibly annoying that you can preview a PDF in almost every other program out there these days. Asana would be borderline perfect without that!


PLEASE ADD THIS FEATURE! I really need this!


Yes I would like this too. Wouldn’t have to be complicated to implement, just render a JPG of each page of the PDF and then treat them like normal JPGs…?


Would like this as well, since as a designer most print files end up being sent as PDFs.