PDF Thumbnail Preview

I have used a variety of task management tools. As a designer, it would be great if there was thumbnail/image preview of pdfs. I know that Basecamp there are.


Agreed, Images only appearing in the newsfeed view HUGE is going to be the reason I go with podio I think. the attachments you should get to choose if they are thumbnails or list view.

Does anyone have a solve (creative solve) for this?



This is needed badly!

Basecamp has this. Why not Asana?

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Agreed. It’s incredibly annoying that you can preview a PDF in almost every other program out there these days. Asana would be borderline perfect without that!

PLEASE ADD THIS FEATURE! I really need this!

Yes I would like this too. Wouldn’t have to be complicated to implement, just render a JPG of each page of the PDF and then treat them like normal JPGs…?

Would like this as well, since as a designer most print files end up being sent as PDFs.

I’m new to Asana and was wondering if I could somehow see PDF’s as thumbnails. Does anybody know if this feature has been added since the discussion in October of 2017? Thanks!

PDF Thumbnails would be a huge help, especially with projects in board view.

Why can’t Asana display .pdf files similar to the way bitmapped file types display? I’m used to Basecamp and it’s ability to display PDF as well as .jpg or .png file types.

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Agreed! Please add preview for pdf file

I love this idea. One way I wish I could use it is in interviewing candidates for a job position. I have set up each candidate as a task and attached their resume. It would be much more convenient if I could view their PDF resume within the task, rather than opening a viewer outside Asana.

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Also the ability to annotate it would be nice without having to download it.

On another note: I’ve noticed with the Asana Plugin for Adobe InDesign it will only let you attach a PDF instead of a JPG which makes it very hard for designers to get quick feedback if my approver has to download it to see it. Leave feedback and reupload. <-- not convenient at all

Would love the ability to click on a PDF attachment and have a pop-up window appear that would let me scroll and zoom in/out, then provide a second button to download a copy.

My ‘Downloads’ folder is cluttered with PDFs from Asana that I just needed to quickly reference.

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Second this! Please add a PDF preview function, as it is already for JPEGs.

Still no progress on this?