Document Previews


Me and my team just recently moved from Trello to Asana but we are having a hard time with documents. We need PREVIEWS trello like, for PDF, DOCX, and PPTS. In Asana we need to download to view, it would be awesome if that file could be previewed in browser, we preview a lot everyday. we have remote workers and its better to not have lots of versions downloaded.

Also It would be nice to select a lot of cards and deleted them, or delete columns that contain cards, we moved using migraorxyz and now we have lots of duplicates.


Also moving over from Trello and really missing the ability to quickly view .docx / .pdx / .xlsx / .ppt

Our workflow is quite dependant on jumping into a doc to check things. Downloading the entire doc and opening is far from ideal.


@James_Duffield & @Josue_Sotelo Has any of this been addressed? Have you gotten any feedback from the Asana team?