Ability to view Microsoft Documents!

Would love to be able to preview Microsoft documents like Excel, PPT, Word.

Hi @Summer, thanks for reaching out! If you attach an excel or word document in Asana, you will be able to click and see the document. Is this what you are trying to achieve? :slight_smile:

Hi Emily thanks for the reply. Yes i am aware that I can attach files - however I would like to be able to preview them quickly, so like a built-in viewer. Right now, when I attach my files, when I click on it, it will download the same file into my desktop again

Hey @Summer
The viewer is a helpful feature.
What we do is we stopped attaching documents to tasks and started using the integration with O365 - SharePoint/One Drive.
So now documents are attached directly from SharePoint - so it removes the mutliple versions / downloads of documents.

You can check it out: