Preview Function for WordDoc and PDFs



We often have to work with WordDocs and PDFs, often times doing revisions, etc. However, each time you want to see a word doc attachment for instance, you have to download the file and open it locally. It would be great if there was a preview function much like you see in recent versions of outlook where I can highlight the attachment and it shows me a preview of it without needing to download the file.


This is especially helpful for when you’re trying to sort through a number of different attachments, especially if the attachments are a series of revisions all under the same file name (Asana doesn’t differentiate between copies by adding a (1) or (2) after files with the same filename, which is another feature to consider). Thoughts from anyone?


The attachment views for Asana are really a bummer. I don’t want to have to download the pdf every time I want/need to edit it or worse have it take me to another window and AWAY from my Asana task when I click on the pdf or jpg or whatever attachment. I attach it to a task for a reason: I want to see it while working IN that task. This one feature alone is causing me to look at other apps to switch to because this is a deal breaker for me.


I would love to see preview support for MS Word and Excel. (And PDF if that is not already supported.)