Can you view files natively from within the Asana interface?

Hi, I have a user raising a concern with how Asana opens attached files. For example, photos need to be downloaded in order to be readable (sometimes) and a video recording for instance needs to be (slowly) downloaded before viewed.

Is there anyway to view directly from within the Asana interface?

Welcome to the Forum @Jesah and thank you for reaching out!

Great question! This present behaviour responds to the Proofing feature we have recently launched. Please note that it is currently possible to preview PDF files or pictures (.jpeg, .png) within Asana. However you’re correct, for other types of files, you would need to previously download them in order to view them.

Having said that, I can certainly understand that this might not be the ideal process for you. We have a few threads in the forum regarding this topic. If you haven’t yet, I would encourage you to add your comment and vote on the ones you would like to see implemented:

Have a nice day Jesah!

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@Natalia Thank you!

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